Calcium Rich Foods

picture of calcium rich cheese

Calcium is an important part of a balanced prenatal diet. Keep in mind you need 1200mg/day! At about 36 weeks pregnancy, the baby's bones start to ossify. So if you have been free of low calcium symptoms and then they start at about this time, you probably need to up your calcium intake.

Here are some great sources of calcium that you should incorporate into your diet on a regular basis.

Food Amt. mg
almonds 10 23
broccoli 1/2 cup cooked 89
carob flour 1/4 cup 120
cheese, natural 1 ounce 225
collard greens (leaves) 1 cup cooked 360
cottage cheese 1 cup 138
kale 1 cup cooked 210
milk 1 cup 305
mustard greens 1 cup cooked 190
sardines w/ bones 3 oz. 372
sesame seeds 1 Tb. 105
turnip greens 1 cup cooked 250
yogurt 1 cup 415