Did You Know?

picture of ancient midwives

Here are some surprising facts about midwifery you might not know.

  • midwives are recognized throughout the world as the most appropriate maternity care provider for most women.
  • Midwives worldwide have an excellent record of safety with numerous studies associating midwifery care with excellent outcomes. In five nations with the world's lowest infant mortality and lowest rates of technological intervention, midwives attend 70% of all births without a physician in the birth room.
  • Midwifery fees are typically one-third to one-fifth less than fees for comparable services provides by physicians;midwifery care saves money without sacrificing quality or safety.
  • Midwives are experts on normal birth; obstetricians are experts on difficult or surgical births. The division of responsibility between two strong and respected professions creates the best conditions for optimal birth care.